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Our classroom facilities- chalkboard, toys, clean play area

Infant Room

  • A stimulating setting that encourages exploration and learning

  • We encourage infants to follow their own established routines and to participate in experiences on an individual basis

  • Interactive toys that develop gross motor skills

  • Nurturing educators support and encourage your child to explore their surroundings

  • A wide variety of experiences available including music and movement, sensory activities and art that combine fun with learning

  • Focus on making children comfortable and secure while promoting independence

  • Infants are given opportunities to be placed on their tummies, allowing them to stretch and move, gaining needed core strength development

Our classroom facilities- chalkboard, toys, clean play area

Toddler Room

  • A safe environment promoting exploration and independence

  • Open-ended, creative materials help develop creativity, fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination

  • Learning materials encourage self-directed play. Toddlers interact with their peers and develop strong social skills at an early age

  • Activities take place in small groups, since this is how very young children learn best, make connections and come to understand one another

  • Language development is promoted throughout the day using labels or through repetition of their emerging vocabulary

Our classroom facilities- chalkboard, toys, clean play area

Pre-School Room

  • Inviting, warm surroundings have different learning stations that encourage children to engage in the world around them

  • Age appropriate educational aids, toys, books and open-ended equipment are available for teaching children about sharing and refining social skills

  • Engrossing activities, games and puzzles are introduced to develop cognitive skills

  • Natural light keeps the space energized

  • Children are involved in music, art, pretend play, and creative movement; all of which help them to explore new things about themselves and their environment.

Our classroom facilities

School-Age Room

  • social setting that develops a healthy attitude towards learning

  • Interactive books, games and educational online content play a key function in enhancing cognitive development and mental acuteness

  • Emphasis on arts, self-expression and respecting individuals