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Kidco Kudos

Celebrating our amazing team members

Kidco Kudos Award

Kidco Kudos

The words that embody Kids & Company’s core values (the Kidco Way) are Kindness, Innovation, Diversity, Courage, and Optimism.

To celebrate our amazing team members, we have launched “Kidco Kudos”; a formal recognition or “kudos” for staff members who embody these values. Kidco Kudos gives parents, colleagues and partners a chance to recognize those that go above and beyond to exemplify kindness, innovation, diversity, courage and optimism.

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What is Kidco Kudos?

It is our way of recognizing and rewarding our employees for making a difference in people’s lives.

Kids & Company is encouraging employees and families to share a story about educators, co-workers, Centre Directors, and/or managers whose actions are aligned with our core values of Kindness, Innovation, Diversity, Courage, and Optimism.

Kidco Way Flower

How it works

  • All employees are eligible to be nominated, nominate others, and/or nominate themselves.
  • The nominator will pick one Kidco Way value that the employee represented at their workplace.
  • The nomination must provide information describing the action and how it is aligned with the Kidco Way value selected.
  • Fill out the mandatory fields and submit.
  • On a monthly basis, an independent team of judges will review all nominations and select the top submissions.
  • Five (5) employees will receive Kidco Kudos each month, based on the judges’ evaluation.
  • Kids & Company Co-founders will send a personal thank you note and gift to the selected employees.

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Sharon Cummins

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Greg Combs
Lincoln Park

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Rose Mendonca
Beacon Hill

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Donna Smith
Larry Uteck 
Nova Scotia

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Brittany Megennis
Sherwood Park

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